Hi there! Welcome to MM Equestrian.

Our philosophy is grounded in the fundamentals of the hunter/jumper sport and we take time to nurture and develop each horse and rider combination through a customized plan. We pride ourselves on quality over quantity, hard work, lots of practice and plenty of fun along the way!

At MM Equestrian, our horses always come first. We have a phenomenal team working alongside us to help ensure that our horses are happy, healthy and high-performing. From our masterful farrier, to our top-notch vet, to our chiropractor, our horses receive the best care as part of our holistic wellness program.


About Mark Mckone


Head trainer, Mark McKone, started riding at age 9 and was a “barn rat” in the truest sense. After graduating from the University of Findlay with a degree in Equine Studies, Mark spent time training in Vermont and Nebraska before going to work for Kim & Andy Barone of Raven Ridge Farm in Minnesota. In October, 2012 Mark moved to Wisconsin to work as Kyle and Kathy Dewar's Assistant Trainer at Chestnut Hill Farm. In October, 2014 Mark took over as Head Trainer and established MM Equestrian. In 2019, MM Equestrian made the move to Blue Gate Farm Dousman, Wisconsin.

Mark excels at bringing along young horses and is passionate about proper development and progression. Having spent time working with a professional dressage trainer, Mark's program is rooted in solid flatwork as the foundation for success over fences. He truly has a passion for teaching and is constantly seeking opportunities to further his own education.


“I had the good fortune of moving to MM Equestrian in the spring of 2015. From the very first ride, Mark helped me build a foundation of flexibility and balance. Under his guidance, my horse and I have come to be a true team. After decades of riding and dozens of trainers, Mark taught ME how to ride MY horse” - Jody Scudder