"Mark’s unlimited patience and gentle nature creates a unique environment where horse and rider are encouraged to listen to one another, providing the opportunity for each lesson to be a positive and productive experience.  The support and encouragement he offers students drives their passion for the sport as well as their love for horses.  He has helped transition my daughter into the equestrian she wants to be." - Current MME parent   

"I had the good fortune of moving to MM Equestrian in the spring of 2015. From the very first ride, Mark helped me build a foundation of flexibility and balance. Under his guidance, my horse and I have come to be a true team. After decades of riding and dozens of trainers, Mark taught ME how to ride MY horse" - Jody Scudder

"TRUTH- Mark McKone is a gentleman and a scholar when it comes to training the horse and keeping this rider in the saddle. I don't know many trainers that would step in front of your runaway horse when they know your "WHOA" isn't working! Bottom line- if you want excellence in horsemanship wrapped in honesty and passion for the development of both horse and rider, Mark's the trainer for you!" -Jill Hewitt

"My daughter learned more in her first week with Mark than she did in a year at another stable. Mark is patient, yet challenging - the essential mix for an effective coach. What I love the most is that Mark is meticulous with safety. I feel absolutely comfortable having my 10 year old ride a 500 pound animal!"- current MME Mom